What Does Love Look Like?

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Valentine’s Day.  It’s the highest holiday of love known the world over for centuries.  Images of hearts and roses and poetic missives inflate our romantic expectations.  Some will be thrilled with fulfillment.  Others might crush unrequited.  Be it fairytale or nightmare, vibrations will … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day Wedding

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Weddings.  The swirl of their planning presents a cacophony of “to do’s”, none more critical than selecting a date.  While many tickled pink brides veer to late spring through early fall for that special moment (a window made popular in the Medieval era when young lovers were fresh from … [Read more...]

Keaton's Kiss List


The beautiful Diane Keaton recently visited Ellen DeGeneres to promote a new film.  Sporting a high-tailored pantsuit ensemble, topped with a fetching black hat and signature glasses, she looked classic Keaton.  The Kissing Expert loves how this woman never wavers from her style hallmarks, all the … [Read more...]

Valentine's Day - Kissing in Iconic Places

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St. Valentine’s Day.  For many, it’s considered the most romantic holiday of the year.  In an era though, where love missives have morphed into tweeted texts of 140 characters or less, and courtships evolve online, possibly with marauders who “catfish” your dreams, The Kissing Expert … [Read more...]

New Year's Eve is In the Kiss


Of all the holiday traditions, there’s probably nothing more universally iconic than the New Year’s Eve kiss.  Whether you are celebrating with friends and loved ones, or a certain sexy someone, The Kissing Expert believes the highly anticipated kiss at the stroke of 12 is … [Read more...]

The Naughty & Nice of Mistletoe Kissing


December 17th marks the start of one of The Kissing Expert's favorite traditions -- the fabulous, flirty custom of kissing under the mistletoe.  Started long ago in the Golden Age of Rome, it was part of the merrymaking during the Festival of Saturnalia – a feasting and gift giving holiday which … [Read more...]

What Makes a Great Kiss?


What makes a great kiss?  It’s a leading FAQ when people learn they’re talking to The Kissing Expert.  And just as we might ponder what qualifies a classical work of art, what are the qualities and characteristics of the kind of kiss that will inspire untold desire?  What distinguishes an … [Read more...]

Celebrate Int'l Kissing Day with Zoosk - 7/6!

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Kissing.  It’s the ultimate expression of your affection for someone you like, love or lust after.  And with the worldwide celebration of International Kissing Day on July 6th, Zoosk and The Kissing Expert are encouraging lovers and friends everywhere to take a little romantic journey for the … [Read more...]

Is it OK to Kiss on the 1st Date?


“Is it ok to kiss on the 1st date?” – it’s something The Kissing Expert is asked pretty often.  In an era where risqué sex-capades are so commonplace, and available for everyone @ Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, there’s something rather innocent about this query.  But there’s an … [Read more...]

Spring Lip Tips

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Spring.  ‘Tis the season for sunshine and daffodils.  ‘Tis also when we feel a little friskier, so a girl must attend to a post-winter revitalization of a most crucial asset – her lips! When getting “lip to lip”, The Kissing Expert extolls the virtue of always being prepared with a … [Read more...]