Valentine's French Kissing

Valentine’s Day is here! It’s the most wonderful kissing time of year. With the romance volume cranked up, lovers of all kinds are flushed with adrenalin. Hearts are pumping harder and faster, imaginations more active and creative, and expectations “do or die” higher. For The Kissing Expert, it … [Read more...]

How to Say Love Without Saying Love

Valentine’s Day and love – they go together like PB and chocolate.  With sky rockets in flight as Cupid draws back his bow with all his tiny might, VDay is as celebratory as New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July jelly rolled up into a sugar dusted donut.  Being the iconic day for expressing love, it … [Read more...]

Re-Defining Baseball Sex

Baseball.  It’s a game many of us play in our teens when our hormones begin to percolate and awaken our pubescent sexuality.  Suddenly something that may have possessed zero interest becomes a watershed euphemism for new sensations to tantalize our young bodies and minds in which every social … [Read more...]

When Love Prevails

Valentine’s Day.  It’s the “high holiday” for romance, fairytales, and the hope of dreams come true.  Our expectation is the evidence of love will prevail that day in grand gestures and declarations from those that have captured our hearts.  Toss in the pressure and intensity of a somewhat … [Read more...]

Kissing Can Get You 2 to 3

Believe it or not, there are cultures outside the “western world” where kissing in public is verboten – "How can that be!?!  It’s the 21st century!  And kissing is such a sweet 'n sexy thing to do!", says The Kissing Expert.  But in various places, especially countries where society’s structure … [Read more...]

Will You?

Summer.  ‘Tis the fairytale season of “I Do’s” as white veils and doves trumpet skyward.  Before the declaration, and command to kiss though, there’s the milestone of “Will You?”, so The Kissing Expert thought it apt to reflect upon the query, given the coveted commitment that hangs in the … [Read more...]

Keaton's Kissing Quest

She’s at it again! A year after appearing on Ellen to extoll her “Kiss List” of top actors she unabashedly enjoyed kissing in the movies, Diane Keaton recently re-appeared on Ellen revealing she’s on a “kissing quest”. There to promote her new film And So It Goes, Ellen reminded Diane that the last … [Read more...]

"Mile High" Don'ts & Do's

With the coming of summer, The Kissing Expert has been pondering the mischievous fun of PDA that tends to turn virally rampant with longer days and warmer nights.  In our ascent to the solstice, we start feeling as frisky as fireflies as we shed our clothes with our winter skin.  And top of TKE’s … [Read more...]

Happy Spring Easter - Kiss & Rejoice!

Whether this week has brought rise to the Judeo-Christian spirit of the Israelites liberation and Christ’s resurrection, or a re-booted sense of energy prompted by the return of gentle sunshine and awareness of longer days, it’s a time of renewal.  For The Kissing Expert, this Happy Spring Easter … [Read more...]

What Does Love Look Like?

Valentine’s Day.  It’s the highest holiday of love known the world over for centuries.  Images of hearts and roses and poetic missives inflate our romantic expectations.  Some will be thrilled with fulfillment.  Others might crush unrequited.  Be it fairytale or nightmare, vibrations will beat like … [Read more...]