The Fading Shock & Awe of a TV Kiss

While today’s TV screen is chock full of all sorts of crazy kissing, February 19th, 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of a controversial kiss that set the country a’ twitter at a time when “social media” happened face to face.  The hullabaloo occurred when Sammy Davis Jr., playing himself, bussed the … [Read more...]

Could You Identify the Lips You Kissed if You'd been Blindfolded?

Meryl Streep was recently put to a challenge by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show – identify lips she’d kissed during her illustrious career -- a tall order considering this good-humored lady has done mucho smooching in the name of her craft! Being the congenial sport that she is, the trip down … [Read more...]

Mayor Bloomberg Goes Gaga for Gaga & Jenny McCarthy Crunches on a Cop!

Happy New Year’s Kissing in 2012!!! The start of the New Year is always a celebratory time for kissing.  With the practice of the first kiss at the stroke of twelve dating back to the Ancient Roman Festival of Saturnalia and Winter Solstice, folklore predicted that a kiss with someone you love … [Read more...]