Can You Improve Someone's Kissing?

So you’ve met this super sexy looking guy.  You feel the mojo building, and you can hardly contain yourself…You want to kiss him so badly, you’re going to pop!  And then it happens, and there’s no sizzle, just some terrible fizzle as your desire lurches to a halt.  What to do?  Cut and run bait, or … [Read more...]

Kissing Tips

Floss & Gloss A kiss all starts with your lips and mouth. For sparkly clean teeth and snappy fresh breath, floss and brush with extra care. For supple, sexy lips, moisturize daily and generously (this goes for guys too!). A natural light gloss with a little shimmer is nice too. Get Mellow … [Read more...]

Kissing Techniques

“I love kissing my husband, but I feel he rushes past it. How can I get him to slow down?” This is a familiar chorus for many women who enjoy the intimate connection that comes with kissing. Oft times, the novelty of those languorously long early make-out sessions wanes as the relationship … [Read more...]