Could You Identify the Lips You Kissed if You'd been Blindfolded?

blindfoldedMeryl Streep was recently put to a challenge by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show – identify lips she’d kissed during her illustrious career — a tall order considering this good-humored lady has done mucho smooching in the name of her craft!

Being the congenial sport that she is, the trip down memory lane proved to stump Meryl, who confused Baldwin for Clooney, but remembered Clint (as in Eastwood (and who wouldn’t!)), while forgetting Bruce Willis altogether.  She was also unsure of a specific set of lips – those of sweet Sandra Bullock who spontaneously locked passionately with Meryl in exciting “girl on girl” action at the Critics Choice Awards.

Granted, how can an actress remember each and every lip she’s caressed when “on the job”, especially someone as lusciously lusty as Meryl who’s been rootin’ tootin’ lucky to have been paid to partake in many a succulent mouth?

The test made The Kissing Expert wonder though – had Meryl been blindfolded, and had the opportunity to re-kiss all those sexy lips, would she have scored higher?

Kissing is such a sensory experience – the feel, the taste, the smell of the lips and tongues intertwined…And smell, associated with taste, is a particularly strong trigger of memory…Without those hints, was she handicapped?

Meryl might have also been thwarted too by having been shown recent pictures of the lips vs. what the lips looked like back when she had the pleasure of them.  Had she been enable to re-experience each of those venerable lips as she originally had them, it would have likely tapped into her kissing memory bank (which we all have from our youth).  Meryl could have had almost total recall.  She might have also remembered she actually never kissed gorgeous George…And she’s sure to make a mental note about Steve Carell’s lips as she stars along side him in Great Hope Springs.

Think about the lips you’ve kissed…Can you remember each of them? Could you identify them in a line-up?  It’s fun to just think about, isn’t it?