Happy Valentine’s Day Wedding

Kissing CoupleWeddings.  The swirl of their planning presents a cacophony of “to do’s”, none more critical than selecting a date.  While many tickled pink brides veer to late spring through early fall for that special moment (a window made popular in the Medieval era when young lovers were fresh from their first bath after the cold of winter), a wedding is ripe to be had any day, so why not February 14th?

Valentine’s Day has become very popular for professing your “forever love”, with 2.2 million people commemorating it as their anniversary.  All the sparkly symbols like beating full hearts, and dewy red roses can be hypnotizing.  And if you’ve ever dreamed of sipping shots of pink champagne from a Cupid ice sculpture, or gracefully guzzling from the chocolate waterfall dessert fountain, it’s your party.

Before you pen the invites though, The Kissing Expert suggests one might ponder the date.  For one, you’ll be combining a universal holiday of romance with your own exceptional moment, so your anniversary might possibly become diluted (especially when the maître d at a fancy restaurant is trying to satisfy multiple frisky couples demanding to be “amuse bouche’d” by the free lovers’ cocktail on the prix fixe menu).  And don’t you want to have more than one occasion in the year for sexy gift giving and za-za-zoo between the sheets?

I do

Your guests might also be a tad reluctant to celebrate you, when they might rather be firkytoodling intimately among themselves, or retreating completely from the holiday in “anti-amour” protest, humbugging their independence from love.  But this is your wedding, so if none of this gives you pause, push on because the winter season is also a time for women and marriage.

Long ago in lusty Ancient Rome, February 14th marked the Feast of Lupercalia, in honor of Juno, the queen of Roman gods and goddesses.  Juno, wife of that razzle-dazzler Jupiter, was, among many things sensual and divine, connected with all aspects of a woman’s life, especially marriage. Juno

So, for some unique Valentine’s Wedding Day pizzazz, think about what the day means to you and your love story, and maybe take inspiration from Juno’s symbolism kit – for example, instead of:

  • Releasing doves, find some iridescent peacocks to strut and awe
  • Pink and red roses as centerpieces, decorate with mini edible fig trees (which are aphrodisiacs!)
  • Soft candlelight, go more dramatic and electrify (Juno was all about thunderbolts!)

You might even try channeling Juno’s financial savvy.  As the patron of the royal Roman mint (think Head of the Fed), she’ll guide clever choices with the caterer that won’t break your kitty.  Tapping into the sexy Goddess might also translate to a long-lasting happy marriage, as Mrs. J. was the “Dear Abby” BC who used her consummate wisdom to settle disagreements between bickering spouses.

Just remember, whenever and however you plan your wedding, don’t forget to seal the deal with sweet ‘n sexy kiss (that tradition also comes from Ancient Rome!).

Happy Valentine’s Day Kissing!


The Kissing Expert