Mayor Bloomberg Goes Gaga for Gaga & Jenny McCarthy Crunches on a Cop!

Happy New Year’s Kissing in 2012!!!

The start of the New Year is always a celebratory time for kissing.  With the practice of the first kiss at the stroke of twelve dating back to the Ancient Roman Festival of Saturnalia and Winter Solstice, folklore predicted that a kiss with someone you love boded good fortune in the coming year…However, an inauspicious kiss might lead to omens not so sweet…

So it stands to reason that in New York’s Time Square, long host to the world as the midnight ball drops in the next year, that kissing would abound! And noteworthy among the throngs of smooching revelers was the City’s own distinguished Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and native New Yorker Lady Gaga.

Mayor Mike looked adorable in what appeared to be a white cotton summer sweater with the American flag, undoubtedly selected for its patriotic imagery to suit the occasion (who cares it was a winter night when cashmere might have been warmer, or that it was more suitable for a 4th of July party, or even if the nationally televised event might have called for something a little more fashionable befitting a billionaire mayor – that sweater had a flag on it!).  Chatting with the show’s host, he expressed his enthusiasm for his city, and excitement at meeting Lady Gaga for the first time to share the ceremonial ball dropping.  Admitting with the twinkle of an admiring schoolboy that he hoped for a kiss from the Pop Diva, in the same mouthful, Mr. Bloomberg sweetly begged the pardon of his longtime girlfriend Diana Taylor, hoping she wouldn’t mind!  Who couldn’t love this Mayor!?!

And the Mayor’s dreams came true!

Lady Gaga kisses Mayor Bloomberg

It was a sweet, appropriately chaste peck to the lips by a top mayor who clearly was a little “gaga”.  Later, Mayor Mike would say kissing his girlfriend afterwards was better than kissing Gaga…What a gent.

And if that Gaga kiss didn’t turn enough heads, there was the outrageously provocative (and beautiful) Jenny McCarthy!

Hoping that in the year after a break-up she’d share a kiss with someone new by year end, with the clock ticking on that 2011 resolution, Jenny seized the moment (or as The Kissing Expert says – karpe kissem!), and grabbed one of New Yorker’s finest Men in Blue.

The kiss was surprisingly passionate, with Jenny taking the lead, and the cop obliging professionally in a fashion true to his uniform – there was nothing chaste about this intimate lip-lock with a stranger.

Jenny McCarthy kissing a cop


The police officer was a total sport, and very flattered by the blond kissing bandit.  The next day, Jenny called out to the cop on the Today show, asking him to get in touch with her, as if he was a man of mystery that slipped away from her after a dance at “The Ball” before she could get his name…Ahhh, the folly of kissing!

So two of the most noteworthy New Year’s kisses were between strangers – yet both were very fun and playful in spirit…What a perfect way to ring in 2012 – they are all sure to have the best of fortunes!!!