Valentine's French Kissing

FK HeartValentine’s Day is here! It’s the most wonderful kissing time of year. With the romance volume cranked up, lovers of all kinds are flushed with adrenalin. Hearts are pumping harder and faster, imaginations more active and creative, and expectations “do or die” higher. For The Kissing Expert, it means a peak in FAQs about kissing of the super sexy kind, specifically “French”. So to make your holiday a little more luscious, TKE offers this refresher. 

First, a little history – Did the French invent “French Kissing”?

French Kissing, aka “kissing with tongue”, has been a natural part of sexual intimacy since those Stone Age cavers roamed with woolly mammoths. While the French might own the association, Americans coined the lingo in World War I.

In the early 1900s, US views on things slippery and slakey were still pretty puritanical…So when soldiers returned home with fancy boudoir moves courtesy of  “sex ed” abroad, their provocative, risqué bravado was labeled “French”.


What are FK’ing Do’s & Don’ts?

As kissing of the French kind has a little complexity,  to ensure ooo la la status:

Introduce tongue gently not forcefully – that fleshy organ is a very strong muscle so thrusting deep into the mouth on the 1st pass is a no-no. Start by playfully teasing around the lips and inside of the mouth, and slowly build the intensity.

Keep it supple vs. probing – a “stiffy” pokes rather than strokes if not used with some subtlety. Think rope with light tension vs. rigid stick.

Be human not animal – too often The Kissing Expert hears complaints about face licking. For some reason, maybe bad porn, people think this is turn on when it can zap the electricity. Be gracious, especially in the beginning…maxresdefault-2

How can FK’ing be even hotter?

Play the tongue gently and softly – start around the lips, and then slowly enter into the mouth. Then use your tongue to caress the neck and ears. Have fun with a tickle and tease to create excitement.

Slowly crescendo – in the beginning when tongue meets tongue, a little restraint can be a frisky tantalizer – stroke easily and suck softy. As passion and intimacy builds, the tongue can get more intense.

Netherlands, Amsterdam, Young couple making love
Maybe add a finger – a “3rd party” can be pleasurable. Your partner may switch between sucking your tongue and finger. Note that twirling your digit in someone’s mouth also requires handiness. Be confident before you point.

Are there benefits to FK’ing?

For some, French Kissing can translate to a deeper sexual experience. It’s also good for you!

Keeping Tone – multiple muscles and ligaments connect the tongue to the throat and neck, and the robustness of FK’ing is a legitimate workout for those muscles — you will look younger after each make-out!

Boosting the Immune System – ours bocas are filled with gobs of bacteria. Exchanging that with a partner can give you some good germs to fight bugs.

Leaving You High – kissing triggers feel good chemicals from the brain like serotonin and dopamine. It’s a natural rush that will leave you smiling (and wanting more!). french-kiss-1

Are there any drawbacks?

FK’ing isn’t everyone’s croissant. Culprits that can squash:

Sloppy Saliva – when uncontrolled, it’s a soppy mess inside the other person’s mouth and around their cheeks. Your kissing should be moist but not wet. Learning to control your saliva is paramount.

“TO” (Tongue Odor) – the tongue can be a stinky trap. To make sure you’re not dinged on a technicality, lick your hand, and take a whiff. If it’s a neutral, musky scent, ok. If it’s even a tad gamey, put the tongue away (and go brush!).

Junior League Moves – it gets back to the tongue being a strong muscle that if not used with graceful expertise, can make a kiss feel more like an affront than a prelude to romance. If you are not adept, keep it at bay.

French Kissing is an incredible part of the romance repertoire that can influence the barometer for sexual compatibility, so it must be good and feel in sync. A little snappy technique will go a long way to activate those sexy pheromones and make it trés pleasurable…it can be pretty sublime.


Happy Valentine’s Day Kissing!


The Kissing Expert