Celebrate Int'l Kissing Day - 7/6!

kiss-me!Kissing.  It’s the ultimate expression of your affection for someone you like, love or lust after.  And with the worldwide celebration of International Kissing Day on July 6th, The Kissing Expert encourages lovers and friends everywhere to take a little romantic journey for the day, and kiss with abandon – it’s the perfect 007 license for seizing the moment with someone you have a crush, crinkle or crunch on, or have long been in a deep relationship with.

Now if making a soul connection with someone who gives you butterfly flutters is not enough, here are a few more reasons to indulge in this sweet ‘n sexy pleasure on this happy holiday:

  • “A Kiss A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”: As one of  The Kissing Expert’s mantras, kissing truly is a total body remedy.  It keeps your heart healthy (it lowers blood pressure), your mind at ease (it drives the secretion of feel good chemicals like serotonin and oxcytocin), your skin rosy and lips plump (the dilating blood vessels give you that fresh “glow”), and improves the essence of youth (passionate “necking” tones the muscles in the jaw and neck line)…If that wasn’t compelling enough, a vigorous smooch session burns calories too (who knew?), which is infinitely more fun than a treadmill (and will keep you tip top frisky!)!
  • Kissing makes your checking account go “ka-ching”: A German study showed that a man who was kissed by his wife before leaving for work was apt to make more money…The reason is simple – kissing breeds contentment, which in turn spurs confidence and self-esteem…This will not only motivate your lover professionally, but personally when it comes the happiness and well-being of your relationship.  You can never kiss too much…
  •  Kissing is the tiny spark that can ignite the raging fuego: Nothing says “I want you” better than a soft, sensual brushing of lingering lips.  And whether the relationship is in that fresh “I can’t get enough of you” phase, or totally “tried and true” (and maybe needs the occasional re-boot), getting “lip to lip” is the best sensual prelude for getting “skin to skin”.

So on July 6th, The Kissing Expert is calling out to the amorous everywhere to commemorate this special day by turning to someone you know, or even don’t know, and kiss with exuberance.  It could make our crazy world a better place!

Happy Kissing!

xxx The Kissing Expert

  • Exumagirl

    I’m kissing the mirror!

  • Laurhallen

    Kissing expert, you make the world a better place…