"Must Have" Kisses

Just as every lady needs that little black dress, hot pumps, and pretty lacy under-things in her closet, she needs a wardrobe of kisses.

Here are The Kissing Expert’s 4 original “must have’s” for a perfectly sexy trousseau:

  1. Happy Hello: This “greet when you meet” kiss is enthusiastic, warm, supple and soft, and lingers just long enough.  No matter how busy your day has been, always take a moment to give him a “Happy Hello”.
  2.  Sultry So-Long:  If the “Happy Hello” is a suggestive greeting, “The Sultry So-Long” signals what he’s in for later!  Apply a little urgent pressure to your lover’s lips, and use your tongue to lightly trace their lips.  He’ll be back as quick as he can (Did you know? —  A German studied has shown that men who are kissed before leaving for work make more money — who knew?)!
  3. Dirty Dancer: This is the kind of kissing that can lead to all sorts of things za-za-zoo.  Wrap your arms around his waist, and come in for a succulent kiss…but before your lips meet in deep juiciness, do a little “bump ‘n grind” with your hips.  Even throw back your head, and pull away for a moment to increase his excitement.  He’ll never say no to dancing with you!
  4. Purring Pussy Cat:  On the other end of the dancing diva is the little itty-bitty kitty.  This is the tender, gentle, intimate kissing when all snuggled in bed or curled up on the couch.  Kiss him softly on his cheeks, neck and forehead, and then sensually and slowly on his lips.  Whisper sweet suggestive thoughts in his ear, and relish the warmth.  Just watch out, though, you might end up dancing! sexy kiss

The Kissing Expert wants to know — what’s in your closet?

  • Laurhallen

    This seasonal selection on St. Patrick’s Day is smashing! What a creative spirit (and expertise?) behind these articles. In the word of the author, “za-za-zoo.”