What Makes a Great Kiss?

greatkiss1What makes a great kiss?  It’s a leading FAQ when people learn they’re talking to The Kissing Expert.  And just as we might ponder what qualifies a classical work of art, what are the qualities and characteristics of the kind of kiss that will inspire untold desire?  What distinguishes an adequately average little sidewalk souvenir from a priceless museum masterpiece that will render the recipient weak?  In our primal quest for sensual, satisfying, intimate pleasure, it’s a good question….Not that a sublime kiss can be assembled in some systematic fashion like a Lego’s toy, there are elements worth consideration.

It might sound super self-evident, but a great kiss all starts with a healthy mouth – it’s your instrument, so to keep it well tuned.  This simply means:

  • Soft Lips: The Kissing Expert cannot stress the importance of smooth, silky lips – lips that are moisturized frequently and liberally with a lip balm. Tending to this lovely part of your anatomy should be the 1st and last thing you do every single day (because dry, cracked and/or flakey ones amount to an encounter with extra gritty sandpaper).  Keep the balm handy everywhere — by your bed, on your desk, in your kitchen, car and handbag.   This kind of “TLC” (Tender Lip Care) is sure to translate to a reaction like – “Oh, was that a butterfly that gently flittered across my mouth?” (guys, don’t be above having lips like angels’ wings yourselves!).
  • Fresh Breath: There’s nothing worse then coming boca a boca with what appears to be a perfectly pleasant mouth only to find something odious lurking beneath.  Granted, we can’t taste like little daisies smiling in the sun all day long, but we can ensure more harmonious encounters.  Start with brushing, and flossing daily.  This dual routine is not only about guaranteeing your kisses won’t be dinged on a technicality, but that you remain heart healthy (did you know that the gunk on your teeth moves directly to your arteries the way donuts go from your lips to your hips – who knew?)… Don’t forget to drink plenty of water (vs. soda) to avoid “sticky” mouth…And be sure to have some minties or gum, especially if you can’t brush after a meal.  You never know when a kiss might present itself.heartlips
Then there’s your fashion of approach to a make-out – less is always more when it comes to finessing an “ohhhh, that feels good” reaction.  Begin slowly, enjoying the softness and taste of your lover…And as the passion builds, the urgency of your lip tango can become more dramatic…If you like to “French”, introduce the tongue slowly, keeping it supple and relaxed – too much “flex” turns this muscle into the churning spindle of a washing machine (fine for greasy grime, but not for sexy smooching!).  Use your instincts to guide you, and pay attention to how the other person is responding.  If their eyes are closed, and they appear awash in relaxation, you’re golden…If they’re looking at the time on your cable box, you might want to re-group.kiss-me-good-retroWhile a sublime kiss is in part made up of an invitingly sexy mouth, and smooth moves, ultimately, chemistry is the intangible abstraction that vaults a technically solid kiss to the artistry of a perfect 10.  Once in a while, you meet someone whose taste and scent combine with yours in an overwhelmingly alluring, and flavorful cocktail.  This doesn’t happen with everyone – only those who you are inexplicably destined for “deep fathom” compatibility, be it a quick fling or a lifetime.  And when this unique concoction between two occurs, it marks the kiss like an intoxicating aphrodisiac, transforming the “run of the mill” into a luxurious, languid swim through soft, warm ocean waters on a moonlit nite.  Priceless.


Happy Kissing!

xxx The Kissing Expert