Sadie Hawkins Day Kissing

Sadie Hawkins Day, aka “Ladies Choice” – it's a quirky bit of Americana that The Kissing Expert declares a “007 license for girls to kiss any guy they want”. What some might not know is the genesis of this day is rooted in a father’s determination to marry off his spinster daughter.  And while … [Read more...]

OSCARS' Best Kisses

We all have our most favorite movie kisses -- kisses that have inspired confidence, made us quiver with excitement and anticipation, or get all misty at the "warm 'n fuzzy" of it.  Some are romantic, passionate and full of desire, while others are poignantly heartbreaking in their farewell or … [Read more...]

"Must Have" Kisses

Just as every lady needs that little black dress, hot pumps, and pretty lacy under-things in her closet, she needs a wardrobe of kisses. Here are The Kissing Expert’s 4 original “must have's” for a perfectly sexy trousseau: Happy Hello: This “greet when you meet” kiss is enthusiastic, warm, … [Read more...]

The Fading Shock & Awe of a TV Kiss

While today’s TV screen is chock full of all sorts of crazy kissing, February 19th, 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of a controversial kiss that set the country a’ twitter at a time when “social media” happened face to face.  The hullabaloo occurred when Sammy Davis Jr., playing himself, bussed the … [Read more...]

Make it a Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day.  Long stemmed red roses.  Lacey thrills of ribbons and things.  Gooey chocolates.  And unabashed queries from the heart for the heart. For some girls, this old Roman holiday, rooted in the pagan fertility festival of Lupercalia, can be the ultimate in romantic fulfillment with … [Read more...]

A Little on the History of Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us.  For many, what’s meant to be a romantic feel-good is met with a cynicism understandably provoked by marketers who’ve artfully created the impression that the holiday is really but a filler between Christmas stockings and Easter baskets.  When you see red heart-shaped … [Read more...]

Can You Improve Someone's Kissing?

So you’ve met this super sexy looking guy.  You feel the mojo building, and you can hardly contain yourself…You want to kiss him so badly, you’re going to pop!  And then it happens, and there’s no sizzle, just some terrible fizzle as your desire lurches to a halt.  What to do?  Cut and run bait, or … [Read more...]

Kissing Tips

Floss & Gloss A kiss all starts with your lips and mouth. For sparkly clean teeth and snappy fresh breath, floss and brush with extra care. For supple, sexy lips, moisturize daily and generously (this goes for guys too!). A natural light gloss with a little shimmer is nice too. Get Mellow … [Read more...]

Intense Love or Allergic Reaction?

There’s nothing better than when a kiss makes you tingle inside down and upside out – you can float on that feeling for days. But can that “shimmy shimmy” be an allergic reaction, and not the flush of fire from your beating heart? According to the ACAAI (American College of Allergy, Asthma & … [Read more...]

Could You Identify the Lips You Kissed if You'd been Blindfolded?

Meryl Streep was recently put to a challenge by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show – identify lips she’d kissed during her illustrious career -- a tall order considering this good-humored lady has done mucho smooching in the name of her craft! Being the congenial sport that she is, the trip down … [Read more...]